FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Adrenalyn XL™ NORDIC EDITION

We all look forward to the FIFA World Cup™ every four years, ready to cheer on our national team, meet our mates to watch the matches on TV, relive the best moments from our favourite players over and over again, and dream that our team will be the one to lift the World Cup. And as ever, where there’s football, there’s also Panini, and we’re ready to kick off with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Adrenalyn XL™ NORDIC EDITION, the official card collection that gets bigger and better with every edition!


Bolder and brighter than ever before, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Adrenalyn XL™ NORDIC EDITION allows you to build your dream team player by player, starting with the heart of the collection: the HEROES cards, which you can slot into your Collector’s Album around their TEAM CRESTS, representing each national side. There are also loads of special cards that make this collection extra-awesome: the traditional FANS’ FAVOURITES; TITANS, featuring the most rock-solid defenders; midfield masters, the MAGICIANS; and GOAL MACHINES, the best strikers on the planet. What about the goalies? We haven’t forgotten them – check out the TOP KEEPER cards! Bust open your packets, and you might find some of the incredible, amazing GAME CHANGERS, or one of the brand-new cards featuring either a FIFA World Cup™ newbie or a champion of the tournament – the ROOKIES and LEGENDS. Play these stunning cards in real-life games against your friends, or use them for our ever-growing online game. And watch out for the strongest cards of all: the TOP MASTERS, a must-have for any Adrenalyn XL™ fan, and the super-rare INVINCIBLE, the collection’s most-wanted card. Specially for this tournament, we’ve also added the CONTENDERS and CONTENDER TEAMS cards, representing the national teams that took part in the play-offs for the last few places available in the finals of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.


Plus, there are two extra surprises for collectors in Scandinavia: the DANISH DYNAMITES cards, featuring the stars of the Danish national team; and world football’s top talents are gathered together on the stunning JEWELS cards.


And with the new rarity icon at the bottom of each card, you can easily identify the most valuable cards in your collection. So, ready to get unboxing? Let the adventure begin!

Please note that the cards from 442 to 450 are not included in the collection because, at the time of printing, no agreement had been reached between Panini and New Zealand Football.

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