Frequently Asked Questions

How many missing stickers/cards can I order online?

The number of items you can order differs between collections. The maximum you can order will be shown on the product page.

How can I create my MyPanini ™ personalised sticker or card?

To create personalised stickers or cards, please go to and select the collection you want.

You will be asked to register by entering your email, password and country. Afterwards, you can create your own sticker by following these steps:

- log in with email and password;
- follow the instructions in order to personalised the sticker/card;
- click on the cart;
- select quantities;
- enter or confirm your address;
- select the payment method and proceed.

Panini will print your stickers or cards after checking that the image and text inserted complies with Panini's policies and the applicable laws such as copyright. For more information, check the Price and FAQ sections at

How can I order stickers or cards that are not in the list of product page?

If the sticker/card number is not availabe in the list, unfortunately the card or sticker is sold out and can not be ordered anymore

How can I order missing stickers or cards for a collection which is not available in the online shop?

Unfortunately, if the collection is not present on the site, the missing sticker/card service is not available.

How is stickers or card COMPLETE COLLECTION composed of?

The complete collection includes the empty album and all loose stickers to paste to complete the collection.

I placed an order but I haven't received the confirmation email.

If you placed the order as a guest, we recommend that you check your spam or junk mail folder.

If you are registered on our site, you can check the status of your orders at any time by logging in and clicking on the person icon at the top right and then on "My account". You will see one of the following statuses next to the order number:  

- Processing: this means that the order has been successful. Once the payment process is complete, meaning Panini has received the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Also check your email's junk folder.  

- CanceledPostFinance: something went wrong in the payment process and the transaction has been cancelled for security reasons. Your order was not successful but the products are still in your cart. You can click on the cart image in the top right of the screen and repeat the checkout.

- Complete: your order is complete and the products you paid for are on their way to you.

I placed an order on the old site and can't find it anymore.

Only orders placed on the new website will be found in your account. However, any orders placed on the old site will be shipped in the next few days.

If you had products in your cart on the old site but you had not completed the purchase, unfortunately you will need to search for the items on the new site to complete your purchase.

I placed an order containing a pre-sale product. When will it be shipped?

Pre-sale products can be ordered in advance and you will receive the product starting from its release date unless another date is specified on the product page. If you also purchase other products (both those that are already available and other products on a different pre-sale), your order will be processed starting from the latest release date amongst the pre-sale products.

Example: If the pre-sale product with the latest release date is 17th December, all the products in your order will be shipped from that day onwards, even if they are available sooner. If you would like to receive products as soon as they are available, please place separate orders.

Why did my order arrive incomplete?

Unfortunately, an item you ordered may have gone out of stock. In this instance, we will refund the difference as quickly as possible.

During the payment you asked for a secure code that I don't have. How can I pay for my online order?

We choose to ask for an additional security code for online payments in order to enhance the safety of the transactions. You should receive this code from your card issuer.

If you don't have it, you can still proceed with the order by using PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. You may choose PayPal as a payment method, click on the button Pay by Debit or Credit Card and insert directly your card details.

Can I pay for my order with a prepaid card?

To pay for your order with a prepaid card, select your credit card on the payment page and then choose the circuit and enter the 16-digit card number.
For more information, read the page dedicated to Payment Methods

You asked for data about the collector. Why?

We ask for this information, so that we can continue to improve our collections to suit our loyal collectors. As we ask for this data in the product detail page, it is not connected to the creation of the account, so the collector and the registered user don't need to be the same person.

What browsers are supported by the site?

  • Browser Google Chrome
  • Browser Mozilla Firefox
  • Edge
  • Browser Apple Safari

For more detailed information, click here.


Did you find the answer to your problem?

If not, contact us via the following link: Contact us

Please include all relevant information and details (the collection you are interested in, the ID number of your order, the email address you used to sign up, etc.) to help us solve your problem quickly.

Thank you!