FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ official sticker collection - HARD COVER Bundle

120 Packet box

1 440,00 kr

Hard cover album

89,00 kr
1 529,00 kr

The Box of 120 packets includes more than 600 stickers! 
In this Online Exclusive Box you can find also an amazing Hard Cover album and 2 EXTRA STICKERS, a must-have for any true collector!
Special collector stickers!
80 additional Panini Extra Stickers to find! 
Extra Stickers are additional, unnumbered stickers that features 14 Legends and 6 Rookies printed in 4 different colour variants!

* Panini Extra Stickers are not part of the main collection and are randomly inserted, on average, in every 100 packets.

  • Product type: Collectible
  • Publication year: 2023
  • Language: Flerspråkig
  • Interioris: Color
  • Available for delivery to the following countries: Sverige
  • Shipped from: Italy
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