Premier League Official Sticker Collection 2024 - Album + Box of 50 packets

A 100-page album to start collecting.

35,00 kr

Panini packet contains 5 stickers.

12,00 kr
635,00 kr

It’s time to kick off the new Premier League Official Sticker Collection 2024!

With this fact-packed 100-page album, over 600 stickers featuring all 20 clubs, and 11 different special sticker types to collect including all-new Stat Stars, World Class and Next Gens, this collection puts you at the heart of the 2023/24 Premier League.

This pack includes:
- the official Sticker Album 
- a box of 50 packets, each sticker packet includes 5 stickers.

  • Product type: Collectible
  • Publication year: 2023
  • Language: Engelska
  • Interioris: Color
  • Available for delivery to the following countries: Sverige
  • Shipped from: Italy
635,00 kr